How Nomad used Gorgias’ automation to minimize first response and resolution time







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  • Nomad is a tech product retailer for 21st-century nomads. Co-Founders Brian Hahn and Noah Dentzel, along with Adam Miller, successfully launched
  • their first product, the ChargeCard, on Kickstarter. They had created a conveniently-sized Android
  • iPhone charger in the shape of a credit card to appeal to minimalists who don’t like to carry more than a phone and a wallet.

What problems were you trying to solve

  • As with their original product, each item in the catalog is developed from the ground up. And, with
  • increased product development and sales has come the need for evolution of Nomad’s customer support strategy

Solutions we considered

What results were you able to achieve after moving to Richpanel

  • 30%

    Reduction in tickets

    We were able to design self service flows and reduce our agent workload by 55%. Our customers are also happier since they can resolve their issues 24 by 7 even when our team is away.

  • 3 mins

    First response time
    We have been able to reduce our first response times to less than 3 minutes and respond to customers faster.

What is your favorite title

Root Cause Analysis

With Richpanel, we are able to dig deeper in to issues that are resulting in support tickets. The Root Cause Analysis guides the strategy for designing self-service flows and correcting issues in other areas like fulfillment, website experience or marketing.

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