Shopify Customer Service CRM & Helpdesk

Provide faster customer service & drive more conversions on your Shopify store. Integrates email, live chat, facebook, Instagram, helpcenter & Shopify.

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Automatically resolve customer queries 24x7

Imagine if you could double your throughput and support your customers round the clock. No, not by hiring agents that work an overnight shift but by a self-service widget that runs 24x7 on your store.

Richpanel self-service automatically resolves the most common support queries and collects all necessary information for when queries needed to be routed to agents. Providing both a convenient customer experience and efficient agents.

Respond to all your channels from one simple, beautiful dashboard

Support customers on email, chat and social from one place. Save 10s of hours per week otherwise wasted in switching applications.

  • One inbox for all channels
  • See Shopify data inside the helpdesk
  • Connect multiple stores and brands
  • Cancel, refund, edit & create orders in seconds
  • Save time with macros & templates
  • Collect & measure your CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)


Connect with buyers when they are ready to buy

Offer proactive support to customers on your site & get more sales.

  • Chatbots that engage visitors when you are not around
  • Deliver personalized, relevant messages with Shopify integration
  • Give customers the option to continue conversation via email

The complete support platform

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